Outline For The Great Gatsby

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1.) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – the book and movie adaptations convey what life was like in America during the 1920’s in the aftermath of World War I. The story re-kindled an interest in the fashion, music, and architecture of the era (i.e. Art-Deco). These elements are preserved throughout popular culture and kept relevant in the 21st century because people are able to identify with Gatsby, the central character of the story, because he is a “self-made” man and reflects the ideas of the American dream to actively pursue one’s own destiny. 2.) Moby Dick by Herman Melville – the book has sparked an interest in popular culture concerning the history of Nantucket and other old maritime sea ports/towns in New England. References…show more content…
Louis to restore the former house of Chuck Berry, a rock-and-roll musician popular during the 20th century. The building is important to popular culture because of its association with a famous musician. Many people view Chuck Berry as an icon of the rock-and-roll music genre, so the preservation of his house is important to the popular culture by being a unique feature of St. Louis and adding to its individuality as a city. 4.) Hill District in Pittsburgh, PA – the neighborhood appears in popular culture because of its use in filming the movie Fences. The people living in the area have been collectively referred to as a “living memory”, as the buildings convey an atmosphere reminiscent of early 20th century urban America. Due to the neighborhood’s appearance in popular film culture, preservation efforts are being made to preserve the connection that the area makes between the city of Pittsburgh and American cinema. 5.) Muhammad Ali’s home in Louisville, KY – the building is important to popular culture due to its connection to Muhammad Ali, a famous Olympic boxer. In addition to serving as an icon for the city of Louisville, Ali is also a role model for many people, especially the African American community. As a result, a preservation movement has been formed to restore the house due to its connection to popular culture and the cultural ideas it
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