Outline: Frigga's Reincarnation

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DESCENDENTS; CHARACTER LIST; “Maddie” Medusa's reincarnation. Dyed, green hair; hazel eyes; caked with make-up; toned skin & wears sunglasses all the time. Shy, caring, dependable, cowardly, insecure & manipulable. Greek Gods fangirl. Hair & Beauty student. Single. Lives in the student home – has no real home. “Fae” Frigga's reincarnation. Long, brunette hair; green eyes, pale skin and is make-up free. Motherly, nurturing, kind, caring, wise & considerate. Norse Mythology student. Single. Lives in the student household. “Helen” Hel's reincarnation. Dark, black hair; very pale skin; and wears excessive Gothic-style make-up. Eccentric, conceited, rebellious, bold, selfish & stubborn. Gothic. Hair & Beauty student. Single. Current living area
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