Outline Informative Speech

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NAME : Syifa Fadhilah Hamid
SUBJECT : Outline Informative Speech

SPECIFIC PURPOSE : to inform my audience about Deja Vu
CENTRAL IDEA : to inform my audience about the theory of Deja Vu. Including what, how and the effect about Deja Vu .
Attention Getter : I can’t remember any things well while I thought something happened to me, I feel like I ever seen something but I don’t know when it was or where it was. And I also feel like I’ve been somewhere but I don’t know when it was. It’s only like I ever do that but I unable to really remember when and how the earlier experience occured in detail.
Reveal the topic : I often feel this thing, when this happened to me, I was really confused and feel like at
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Deja Vu is the subjective influence about the opinion regarding the percieve of similiarity between the current experience with the past which is difficult to explain. 1. While James Lampinen, a professor of Psychology from the University of Arkansas. He defines that Deja Vu is the strong feeling about the global similiarities thet occur in the new situation. The similar experience in Deja Vu is overall, because every small detail is very similar with the experience happened in the past. But this experience always accompanied with unreal feeling. 2. Vernon Neppe and James Lampinen, they ever held the survey on 1980. Lampinen said that almost people have experienced Deja Vu, at least once in their life time. So Neppe said that 70% of population ever had experienced Deja Vu. The youngest person who ever experienced Deja Vu is five years old. 3. The last is according to Sigmund Freud, a psychoanalisist. Deja Vu occurs when a person spontaneously remember back on the fantasy which appeared unconsciously, because this thing is not realize then the content of his fantasy can’t recognize further. He could only remember a second about this event which occur in that time it had occured to him sometime in the past.

B. (Subpoint) Actually there are many definition defines what is Deja Vu, not only the definiton in Psychiatric Science. But there is the opinion that Deja Vu occurs because it is influenced by age. 1.
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