Outline Leadership Practice Issue

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Outline Leadership Practice Issue

The leadership issue that I would love to discus in an upcoming research is the ophthalmic wards management. Every healthcare unit has an outpatient and inpatient section (Department of Health and Children, 2008). In patients live in wards and their welfare depends on the hands of ophthalmic nurses and practitioners. Therefore, the manners in which the wards are managed reflect directly on the healing and response to treatment of patients in the wards. The issue of choice in this report regarding leadership within the ophthalmology area of practice is ward management. This is because, in ophthalmology, there is the aspect of handling the patients, which requires planning, guiding, directing and control of events. This is necessary in both the handling of patients prior and post treatment. It also tackles the handling of resources and personnel in the field (du Toit, Hughes, Mason & Tousignant, 2011). Every effort of leadership should be positively directed towards making the patient as comfortable as possible. When leadership lacks, patients' confidence drains and they no longer have the faith in services offered to them. Leadership, therefore, is a fundamental issue in ensuring that patients receive the best care possible, with as much comfort as they can receive (BHALERAO, & SINGH, 2011).
My reason for choosing ward management is that there are occasions when wards do not receive adequate management leaving patients with
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