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4 MAT Book Review Pegues Degee Denson Liberty University LEAD 610 4 MAT Book Review Pegues Conflict, confrontation, and problems are inevitable in human relationships. They will occur, like it or not, it is a part of life. The word of God reminds us in Luke 17:1 that offenses will diffidently come into our lives. However, we cannot allow them become trapped in our spirit because it will harm relationships with the offenders. For that reason, someone must take the initiative to address the breach in the relationship through effective confrontation. Again, to express the importance of resolving conflict and finding peace in relationships, the Lord declares in Psalms 133:1, 3 that he blesses those who dwell in unity. According to…show more content…
There are different conflict management styles, the dictatorial style, which insists that things are addressed their way and the low self -esteem style, which just allows others to have it their way. It is up to the individual to decide which way works for them. Additionally, the abdicator handles conflict by bowing out or walking away. This method is unhealthy because it robs the offended growth opportunity, which results from working through issues (Pegues, 2009, p.49). Another style is the collaborator, which often involves cooperation and pulling together to reach a common purpose and are emotionally balanced. Effective confrontation includes preparation, analyzing behavior outcomes, owning the problem, carefully articulating the issue, listening, and releasing the offender by forgiving them. We must resist retaliation and leave vengeance to God, focusing only on the positive things that the future holds. Concrete Response Confronting conflict is only effective if the offender is willing to hear you out and are willing to collaborate. As indicated by (Pegues, 2009, p.21) usually the person who is more spiritually mature is the one who initiates the reconciliation. My mother had me when she was very young and at times, we have a very rough relationship for some reason.
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