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Feng Sixing December 7, 2015 Progression 3 Draft 1 Back to the Original Purpose of Tests “My IELTS score was cancelled”, said Sun, a Chinese student who took IELTS test 10 days ago and planned to use the score to apply for a university in Netherland, “but I don’t know why. My application will definitely be affected” (ECNS, 2015). Early in August, over 350 Chinese students’ test scores in IELTS, a standard test of English proficiency for non-native speaker held by British Council, were cancelled. British Council explained that test takers’ scores were kept unreleased due to some students’ “violation of regulations”, but didn’t specify “who breached the regulations” and “which regulation was breached” (South China Morning Post, 2015). As an educational institution that has operated “over 80 years” and whose tests are trusted by “more than 9000 of organizations” all around the world (British Council, 2012), we have sufficient reasons to believe that British Council made their decision on a basis of strong evidence. However, British Council’s refusal to disclose more information on the mass score cancellation stirs our worries about how we can prevent it from reoccurring. Chinese media speculated that this test score withholding was because of Chinese English educational services companies’ prediction on the test questions, which allowed their student clients to get to know the questions that would appear in the exam ahead. This is so far the only speculation that makes sense.
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