Outline Of A Business Information System

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Group Report INTRODUCE TO BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM Authors: Sali, Shubham, Alex, Dharnil EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION Bunning’s is the Australia’s biggest family equipment chain with stores in Australia and Newzealand. Established in 1994, by two brothers Arthur and Robert Bunning who travelled from London to settle in Perth, Western Australia. Bunning’s established their first warehouse in Melbourne market. Further growth and development took place in few successive years which results in the growth of the leading retailers home improvement goods in Australia and New zealand.This report highlights the competitive advantage and the focus of this organisation by executing certain business strategies and re-engineering its systems. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Competitive Advantage may be defined as the benefit to company or organisation due to its products, good quality or low prices which distinguishes the company or organisation in Market and results in Increase sale and Good reputation. In Today’s time, to do a business in Market is not a piece of cake. The businessman needs to face a lot number of challenges to stay in market and do well in business. They need to complete their Goals and Objectives on Time and make a right decision at right time and at right palace. To struggle the challenges that comes on their way they need to execute certain strategies like-: Product Differentiation Reducing Cost Advertising Various Offers and Discounts on Goods
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