Outline Of A Business Operation Essay

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Assignment- 6412 Task one- Franchise: Franchising means that you have the right to use the brand name of other business or we can say that when the owner of the business like the franchisor of mc Donald allow you to use their trade mark or company name then it is called franchising. This is the good way for franchisor to expand their business all over the world. Question: 1.1- Answer: Integrated business operation:- In integrated business operation the main owner or we can say that the main franchisor control all the franchises like he/she will control the price of products in all franchises. By this profit will increase. Single product or service operation:- Franchisor give all the right to the other members of franchise that they can sell or supply there product but they need to follow some rules and regulations. For example mc Donald like the packaging of burgers will be same no one can put any change in it. Manufacturing and wholesale:- In this the manufactured product is finalized by the franchisor and then he/she give the right to wholesaler that he/she will be responsible for the promoting, packing or selling of the product. Manufacturing and retail:- Retailor is totally different then wholesaler because the person who sells the goods or products to the consumers is called retailor. The product finalized by manufacturer is sell by retailor in the market by providing some offers. Wholesale and retail:- Wholesaler sells products to retailors of other
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