Outline Of A Child Developmental Journey Assignment

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Felicia Gerlach October 06, 2014 PSY 238-500 Fall 2014 Child Developmental Journey Assignment I considered just simply taking the zero on this assignment and walking away. I do not enjoy talking about my childhood; my life growing up was very different than anyone else I knew. I am twenty-four year old woman; I am married to my best friend, Jeremiah and we have an eight month old son named John. Jeremiah and I have been together for eight years, but have not even been married for one whole year yet. I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I met my husband in 2006. To Begin with my childhood though, I need to say that my family is very complicated; I will try to make everything clear and in chronological order. My mother and father were never married, yet they maintained a very unusual relationship up until my mother married my step-father Jim in 2003. My mother Tish, was married before she met my father, at which time she took her husband’s last name Gerlach. My mother had my oldest sister about nine years before I was thought of. My mother and father, Alan, had me in January of 1990. My mother refused to marry my father, when I asked why years later they both have different reasons for her saying no so I am still not sure the real reason. My Dad ended up starting a family of his own a year later with his new wife Cathy. I have three half-sisters; my oldest sister Kandis Gerlach is from my Moms first marriage, I have the same last name as Kandis and at the time
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