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Goal: RapidHairSolutions.com SEO Content Pack Total Words in this Document: 2,747 Title: RapidHairSolutions.com SEO Content Pack Blog: How to Increase Hair Growth Natural Ways to Increase Hair Growth Whether you’re experiencing the effects of male or female pattern baldness or are unsatisfied with your last haircut, you’ve been there before. Your hair isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like. Hair loss, hair thinning, or hair damage can affect an individual’s self-esteem, confidence and self-image, and many people try to find ways to stimulate and increase their hair follicle production and overall hair growth. Several natural methods have been said to help increase hair growth. Coconut Oil: One of the newest, most popular additions…show more content…
Yet others stimulate the hair follicle to generate new hair growth. All can be added to carrier oils and used alone or in a combination to promote a healthy scalp and new hair. Herbs: Horsetail has cysteine, selenium and silica, all important ingredients for healthy hair and increased growth. This can lower vitamin B levels, and isn’t the best option for pregnant or nursing mothers, but everyone else has several options. Leaves can be boiled in hot water to make tea or to apply as a hair rinse. The herb is also available in capsules. Blog: Best Hair Growth Vitamins Can Vitamins Help Regrow Hair? The importance of certain vitamins and minerals in our daily diets isn’t something to be ignored. Multiple research studies have proven that a deficiency in any can lead to many different health issues, from severe to mild, and that vitamins are highly important parts of multiple systems in our bodies. Vitamin B: There are many of these vitamins, and they are almost always associated with a spike in energy. When you’re deficient, then, you tend to bruise easier and feel more tired than normal. A B complex is ideal, because it covers each of the individual B vitamins in appropriate levels and proportions. Biotin is a B vitamin, but is a key component in healthier, shinier hair. It’s water-soluble, so even though you most likely get enough through your diet, your body has a harder time retaining and absorbing this valuable vitamin. It’s
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