Outline Of A Democratic Leadership Style

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Meeting Goals: 1. Discuss the concepts covered in Lesson 7 2. Decide whether every group member understands concepts 3. Receive ideas from each group member about concepts I. Discussion Items A. What makes a group effective in achieving goals? B. What is considered a supportive or negative climate? C. How do you solve problems in a group or team? D. Different types of group leadership: Which is most effective? E. How can you enhance group or team meetings? II. Action Items A. Does everyone understand the concepts in Lesson 7? B. Answer any questions about any of the concepts III. Information Items A. Comments about concepts B. Importance of all…show more content…
The group will be free to go about everything as they please. There might as well not be a leader present at all when it comes to a laissez-faire leader. It will be difficult for a group with this type of leader to stay on task, especially when the group comes across a problem or conflict. The leader will not step up and take action, and the group members might not be capable of getting through this obstacle. Right in the middle of the authoritarian and laissez-faire leaders is the democratic leader. The climate provided by a democratic leader will be more desirable compared to those of the other two styles of leadership. Allowing the group to reach a consensus rather than a leader making all of the decisions, will give the members of the group a sense of belonging. 3. Dear Coworker, In order to create an effective agenda you should gather all of you information before anything else. Once you know everything you would like to incorporate into your meeting it will be easier to categorizing the information into sections for your agenda. The first step to building an effective agenda is to start with your meeting goals. Placing the goals at the top of your agenda will allow the members to keep the primary issues in mind throughout the meeting. Also, placing your most important meeting goal first will ensure the group puts in the most effort in achieving that goal. Here 's an example of the meeting goals section: Meeting Goals: 1. Discuss progress of
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