Outline Of A Health Care Administration

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Outlining My Profession Health care administration is a very important and crucial role in today’s healthcare system. With an ever-changing national health care system, the role of a Health care Administrator or Healthcare Executive more than ever is needed. Healthcare facilities, organizations, and or offices rely on health care administrators to plan, direct and coordinate all medical health services (United States Department of Labor , 2014). Some areas where one might find administrators are managing entire medical facilities, specialized clinical departments, or a medical practice for a group of physicians (United States Department of Labor , 2014). The need for high-quality health care administers is more now than ever with the fast-changing health care laws. Administrators must be able to learn and lead when regulations and laws change so that the medical organizations they lead are in legal working order. Finance management of costs for the facility and patient billing to creating work schedules are just a few of the duties and administrator is found doing on a daily basis (O*Net Sites, 2015). It is standard for an administrator to spend part of his or her time communicating with physicians and staff. Evaluating staff procedures along with quality assurance helps keep medical facilities within safety guidelines so patients get the best care possible (O*Net Sites, 2015). This being said this profession carries a lot of responsibility to those they lead but also to
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