Outline Of A National Legislation That Has An Effect On Care Homes

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Assessment Objective – AO2

I will research a national legislation that has an effect on care homes, which is a service that my elderly service user uses.

Care Standard Act

I have chosen to research the Care Standards Act 2000. This Act came into effect in April 2000 and set up a new system of national minimum standards for services such as private and voluntary sector residential and nursing homes. Its primary function is to promote improvement in social care.
(Social Care Institute for Excellence, No Date).

Research identifies physical abuse (e.g. beatings, restraint), psychological abuse (e.g. withdrawal or care and food) and neglect (e.g. leaving service users in soiled incontinence pads) as the most common types of abuse in a care home, also the misuse of medication. So the aims of the act are to help protect vulnerable adults in a care home from these types of abuse.

The Care Standards Act is an immense piece of legislation, which goes beyond just regulating care homes. It has 123 sections; there are nine parts and one supplement. The Act joined together nursing and residential homes and put them under one section classed as care homes.
(Nazarko, 2002)

‘A statement of national minimum standards published by the Secretary of State for Health under section 23(1) of the Care Standards Act 2000’
(Department of Health, 2003)

I am going to research how section 23 of the Care Standards Act 2000 affects a care home. The Care Standards Act created the National Care

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