Outline Of A Presentation, Command Terms And Guidelines On Project Management

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This paper includes an outline of a presentation, command terms and definitions, examples of graphs and a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) on project management, and presented to the class at Crescent View High School. The focus will be on how to plan, schedule, monitor, and report on projects. Also included are the project management methodologies, tools and techniques used. The discussion to the class will begin with an opening statement that provides an overview of project management, terms and definitions, and an example of buying a house utilizing project management to manage activities. Project Management answers the “who”, “what”, “when”, and “how” questions that relate to project requirements. Project management…show more content…
weekly at 9:00 am. Charts are used to show the progress of a task,
1.3. Project Management consists of ten knowledge areas.
1.3.1. Project Integration Management – management of all processes to ensure proper coordination of the project.
1.3.2. Project Scope – identifies goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and deadlines. Project scope is part of project planning.
1.3.3. Project Time Management – an estimated time for the completion of each task and based on resources, the duration is determined.
1.3.4. Project Cost Management – controlling the cost of the project, which includes estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, and managing costs of each task.
1.3.5. Project Quality Management – identifying and following quality requirements, and audit the results to ensure quality control measurements to provide a quality product/service.
1.3.6. Project Human Resource Management – identification of project team and assigning roles and responsibilities to each task.
1.3.7. Project Communications Management – identifies processes of communication to ensure stakeholders, users and project team are informed about the status of the project.
1.3.8. Project Risk Management – identifies potential risks (good and bad) that can affect the objectives of the project.
1.3.9. Project Procurement Management – develops relationships with suppliers for goods and services for the
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