Outline Of A Program Your Sleep Pattern Essay

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So you have set your goal, changed the way you see your insomnia and feel that it is something you can tackle and it will improve, read on! Be prepared that the work in this chapter is the hardest bit. You have to be prepared to make the changes and be committed to following them through the best you can, even when it gets tough. It will get easier with time and the strategies in the next chapters will help. You may relapse, but don’t worry, don’t be put off, just get back on track the next day In this chapter we aim to re-programme your sleep pattern so that you develop a strong and lasting sleep pattern that meets your requirements. Most importantly we need to consider your connection between your sleep and your bed. The majority of good sleepers associated their bed with sleep. Those who don’t sleep well such as yourself, will associate their bed with frustration, lying awake tossing and turning, noticing high levels of pain and being unable to get comfortable and these thoughts often produce feelings of anxiety which stimulate the pain system thus increasing pain and not being able to sleep and so the cycle continues. Sleep is a learnt behaviour, so we can make a response to a cue, which will be your bed. It will become quicker and be easier for you to fall asleep and go back to sleep when you wake when your body associates your bed (cue). It is important to strengthen that cue (your bed) and sleep, so you will need to follow some rules. In order to develop that strong
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