Outline Of A Project Strategic Management

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MGMT6054- Project Strategic Management NAME: Osamudiamen Amadasun TEAM NAME: Fortitude DATE: September 28th 2015 PROFESSOR: David McKenna TITLE: Group, Stakeholder List MODULE: 3 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this project is to identify and outline at least fifteen stakeholders that would be involved with the construction of a bridge from Port Stanley to Cleveland and a brief description how each stakeholder listed influences or is influenced by this project. A stakeholder is defined as a group of individuals who play an important role in the execution of a project. They are impacted by the project and can contribute to either the success or failure of the project. Examples of stakeholders in a project would include project manager,…show more content…
4 US and Canadian Government The US and Canadian government are very important stakeholders in this project because it deals with leaving the shores of their country. They must agree with one another their support is very vital to the success of the project which they cancel or suspend at any time. The government’s area of interest would be how the construction of the bridge would improve the economic growth of the country. 5 The Media Media also are stakeholders because through them information about the construction of the bridge goes to population. If the media provides bad feedback or no feedback at all, this will, probably, change opinion of masses against bridge building. So we can say their area of interest would be providing status of the project to the Citizens. 6 Bridge Users or commuters These are those who would commute using the bridge to crossover to the border. They are not very important when it comes to the implementation of the project. That is they have no say when it comes to making decisions about the project. Their specific area of interest is to know how safe the bridge would be to drive on and the traffic impacts that might occur. 7 Investors These are Individuals, groups or organizations that allocate capital for the execution of the project. They could affect the project if there is a delay in the release of funds or if sufficient funds are not provided by them. Their specific area of interest would be to begin reap
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