Outline Of A Speech On Civil Rights

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Kaija Scheuerman
COMM 105-BO2
Informative Speech Outline

I. Introduction
A. In 2016, there were almost 1,400 recorded arrest related deaths, and in arrest African American people are three times more likely to be killed than white people (Banks, 2016).
B. Racism is an age-old issue that was named during the Civil War, fought during the 1960s, and is still lingering in modern society.
C. I’m not African American, but I am an ally; I have friends and loved ones who are African American, and I cannot stand by and watch people die.
D. This speech is about civil inequality in the 1960s, the importance of standing up against it, and how discrimination is still very much woven into the fabric of our society today.

II. Body of Presentation
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d. The gesture was seen as a “Nazi-like salute”, an expression of anger, a symbol of black power, or just bad manners (Hoffer, 162).
e. Carlos and Smith were kicked out of the Olympic Village and blacklisted for the rest of their careers (Carlos, 124).
B. This photo emphasizes the importance of silent protest and the power of gesture, political climates experience incredible shifts with movements such as these.
1. It was the start of decades of political protests and civil inequality.
2. Recently, another form of silent protest has been occurring called the “Take a Knee” Movement in 2017 (Smith, 2017).
3. It started with the NFL player Colin Kaepernick and when he decided to kneel during the national anthem.
4. The purpose of this silent movement was to protest police brutality (Smith, 2017).
5. Currently, athletes everywhere are kneeling during the national anthem.
C. This photo called attention to the issues in civil equality that are still prevalent today, it was the start of a very long fight for equality.
1. This photo is important especially within the context of the Black Lives Matter and Take a Knee movements that are occurring.
2. Like the 1968 Olympic Games, millions of Americans are ostracizing these athletes for disrespecting the flag and the overall country (Brown, 2017).
3. This photo and the subsequent Take a Knee movement show how powerful gesture and silent protest is.
a. A raised fist was nothing more
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