Outline Of A Thesis Proposal

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Thesis/dissertation proposal

For all the industrial process for producing and manufacturing new products and especially in the construction industry, there is a lot of factors control in the quality of the products and one of the most important factors that reduce the quality of the products is the quality opportunism, quality has become a very popular subject in recent years due to conceptual changes in the industry, the definition of quality in the past as “compliance to standards” is now found to be inadequate and replaced with the current definition as “customer satisfaction” (Abdel-Razek, et al., 2001).

The approach to quality has evolved from control (QC) to management (QM) through assurance (QA) and reached policies like Total Quality Management (TQM), in developed countries, where quality systems have been established long time ago, the principle has become to produce quality rather than to control it at the end, the new approach are not only beneficial to the customer but also to the manufacturer as cost of quality is optimized to minimize the total loss.The results are less cost per unit of better quality, more share in the market and increased profits (Davis, et al., 1989), for achieving the final product with the highest quality and to dont make any chance for any tenderers and competitors think in the quality opportunism.

Authors such as Laffont and Tirole (1993) claimed under protest. They have further elaborated a rosary of incentives…
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