Outline Of Current Employee Responses Essay

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Figure 1 Summary of current employee responses, Question 1 The results of this question are divided into two categories, positive responses, and negative responses. The positive themes from this question are as follows: 1. Good coworker relationships 2. Job security 3. Clean environment 4. Employees feel they are treated fairly 5. Good working relationship with nurses 6. Training 7. Job knowledge among managers and employees The surveys negative responses are listed as the following: 1. Doctor communication and overall working relationships with the employees 2. Low priority for training and more training needed 3. Sick patients and patients in pain 4. Work environment is boring and routine The question was broad. The data was hard to group into actionable categories since the range of answers were vast; three categories seemed to emerge: job design, atmosphere or working environment, and benefits or compensation. Even though the survey resulted in more descriptions of a boring work environment, some subjects responded that the environment was busy and crazy at times. (Zemke and Kramlinger, 1982; Clardy, 1997; Phillips, 1991; Rossett, 1987) Figure 2 Summary of responses of resigned workers, Question 1 Question Two – What do (or did) you like best about working here? Responses to question two generated four major themes: 1. Job design 2. People 3. Atmosphere or environment, and 4. Benefits. Aspects of job design that the
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