Outline Of Experimental Work / Investigations

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CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 General In this chapter salient details of experimental work/investigations done by various research scholars on synthetic fibre reinforced concrete and on recycle aggregate concrete was furnished. 2.1 Studies related to concrete with synthetic fibre reinforcement: Michael L.Albert et.al (2001) experimental program showed that externally applied fibre reinforced polymers is effective in increasing the load-carrying capacity of un-reinforced masonry walls that are subjected to out-of-plane flexural loads. In his experiments ten walls with a height of 4m were used to conduct 13 tests in two series. Both undamaged and slightly damaged wall were tested. The following experimental parameters were Investigated (1) type of fibre reinforcement; (2) amount of fibre reinforcement ;( 3) layout of fibre reinforcement ;( 4) effects of moderate compressive axial load: and (5) cyclic behavior. And he concludes that the overall results show that the strength and ductility of the specimens is increased significantly when strengthened with fibre-reinforced polymers. The fibre reinforcement is easy to handle and apply. The use of fibre reinforced polymers for strengthening un-reinforced masonry walls appears to be a promising alternative to conventional rehabilitation methods. The over all behaviour of the specimens was similar. And the type and amount of fibre reinforced used affects the overall stiffness of specimen. Khan A .et al. (1993) has made an
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