Outline Of Figueroa 's Framework

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Introduce Figueroa’s framework
Figueroa’s framework is identified to be a tool used to help investigate the issues surrounding equity, equality in sport and in general physical activity. Figueroa’s framework is constructed over 5 different areas which are all used to investigate ways in which inequities challenge the area of sport and physical activity. All of the levels connect and contribute to shaping the overall joint effect. They show the different functions that reinforce, create, remove and eliminate barriers within a sport.

Current status of basketball through PLC
The current status of basketball participations throughout PLC in 2015 was that there was almost twice as much junior college playing basketball rather than the
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I started playing basketball to be with friends and throughout the season started to enjoy and want to do the sport more often.

FF that has significant impact on basketball participation at PLC.
-All the levels of Figueroa’s framework contribute to basketball participation at Pacific but the main one would have to be the institutional level due to talking about the significance of the schools impact through basketball and one of the major things in the institutional level is school, facilities, rules, religion and community.
This is because basketball at Pacific is because of its at a school, location- how its located on the school grounds, facilities- how we’ve got all the facilities at school to do it and these all impact basketball being played at Pacific.

Basketball in Australia
“From the three year old playing ‘tot ball’ in Darwin to the 73-year-old playing masters basketball in Victoria, basketball is a game that is accessible to people of all abilities” “Basketball is one of the top participation sports in the country.” https://www.humanrights.gov.au/sites/default/files/content/racial_discrimination/whats_the_score/pdf/basketball.pdf

Basketball can be played in all different levels starting from grass roots- the amateur and beginners, to the school comps, club
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