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Summary of Interview: After interviewing my Grandfather, I realized that our physical, social, and cognitive skills do change over time. He stated that as the years progressed he lacked the ability to complete simple tasks. When an adult begins to lack the ability to remember things and complete everyday tasks then it is an example of how aging can have an effect on people. My interviewee also stated in the interview that he gets tired more easily, so physically he does not have the same capacity that he did at a younger age. Socially he has changed into a basically listener instead of a speaker. As he got older he mentioned he lost interest in speaking as much as he was accustomed to, and began listening more to what others had to say. He represents a perfect example of how later adulthood can make your social, cognitive, and physical skills decrease. Description: Typically, late adulthood is considered after the age of 65. Once an individual hits the age of 65 many things begin to change throughout their body mentally, physically, and socially. According to Erik Erikson they begin going through the integrity vs. despair stage. In this stage people begin finding meaning in their life and looking back at what they did at a younger age. Some people find complete satisfaction with their actions while others find complete unhappiness and seek for bliss. Throughout the process of finding satisfaction in life they go through decreases in their cognitive, social, and
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