Outline Of Jesus's Ancestors

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Jesus’s Ancestors

Abraham & Sarah
- Abraham and Sarah were originally named Abram and Sarai until God came to them and told them they were to become ‘the father and mother of a great nation’. He re-named the pair and let them on their way.
- It is said that together they had one son; Isaac.
Isaac & Rebekah
- Together Isaac and Rebekah prayed to God for a miracle, asking to heal Rebekah’s barren. After their prayer, Rebekah was blessed with twin boys; Esau and Jacob.
Jacob & Rachel
- Jacob then went on to marry Rachel and together they had twelve sons.
- Rachel was first unable to have children until God healed her and she gave birth to her first son; Joseph. The bible says the healing was ‘miraculous’. Rachel then died later on in life giving
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