Outline Of Policy Development Process Outline

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EDU108.Part B: Policy Development Process Outline
Policy Idea: Strive to be the best policy
Purpose of / Need for the Policy: Our school has high expectations for academic success and conduct, that are clearly outlined, assessable, and no excuses are made because of the upbringing of students. Students, teachers, parents, and staff initiate and reinforce a culture of achievement and encouragement with a range of formal rewards and consequences for behavior and academic performance.

Person Responsible for Policy Development: Administrator / Principal

Process for Developing Policy: Rough draft written by the principal that will then be reviewed by a committee made up of principal, teachers (1 representing each grade level), students, and parents (voted by their peers). The principal will expound on the policy and its purpose. After this the policy will then be reviewed by the superintendent, then sent to the school board that will either accept or deny the policy. If approved by the board, then it will be official policy and be reflected in student/parent handbook. Policy Idea: Four Wall Homeless Policy
Purpose of/Need for the Policy: ADCP targets the lowest performing students in San Bernardino. The students are the African American sub-group and come from economically disadvantaged homes. The Four Wall Homeless Program is a school collaboration program created to help homeless students and their families attending ADCP.
Person(s) Responsible for Policy Development:…
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