Outline Of Proposed Interventions Of A Play Piano Music Whilst Residents Eat Lunch

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Summary of proposed interventions
This CPI project will consist of one intervention within an RACF. The intervention will be to have a live musician play piano music whilst residents eat lunch in a main, communal dining room in the RACF. The pianist will play a selection of calming and relaxed classical and jazz music in a casual setting for a 90 minute period over lunchtime every day of the week. Whilst the musician may change, the musical styles will always be similar.
All residents and their families will be informed of the project and it’s expected outcome, and their consent will be gained. Those who do not wish to be involved in the project will be able to enjoy the lunchtime program, however, no data will be collected from them.
Nursing and caring staff will be required to note down the type of behavioural episode, such as verbal or physical aggressive or non-aggressive behaviours, at the time of episode or as soon after as possible. This method of data collection has been shown to be effective in assessing types and frequency of behaviours in residents by Lin et al. (2011, p. 671) and Chang et al. (2010, p. 940). A similar type of documentation may already be in place in the facility. If this is the case, no extra documentation will be required of the staff and an audit will be conducted to collect information; otherwise, appropriate documentation will be provided for staff to complete. This data will be compiled by researchers to determine trends shown over the time…

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