Outline Of Proposed Proposal For A Proposal

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Introduction The introduction of the proposal should be one complete page long and will most likely be divided into two paragraphs. Notice that the section headings (Table of Contents, Abstract, Introduction, etc.) are still formatted in Times New Roman, 12 point font. Titles, cover pages, and section headings do not need to be in oversized font, but these may be bolded or underlined to create a separation between the heading and the text. Also, notice that the section heading appears on the first line and the text begins on the second line (extra space and/or skipped lines should not be present). The introduction will give more details about the problem that the proposal solution will address. While the problem was identified in the letter of transmittal and the abstract of the proposal, this section will allow for more details to be identified about the exact problem. The reader should have a complete understanding of exactly what led the author to write this proposal. This will be the only place that the problem will be discussed in detail and may include data or statistics related to the problem. Ideally, this portion of the proposal should not include any figures, tables, or illustrations. Instead, those can be utilized in the body of the proposal to explain the solution plan and benefits. The second paragraph of the introduction can discuss the purpose of the proposal (the solution and request). This should briefly introduce or outline what the proposal suggests as

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