Outline Of The Axis Powers Of Mussolini

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The Axis powers of Germany,Italy, and Japan

Tre Woodhouse English III October 19,2017 Outline
Thesis statement:The Axis was a powerful alliance which consisted of three countries with a throng territorial hunger.
Adolf Hitler A.Hitler made the Nazi Party B.whale if a fight against Hitler.
II. Benito Mussolini
A.his decision to invade Ethiopia in 1935
B. his campaign in Africa got attention of Hitler
III. End of the war
A.Mussolini was imprisoned at Giulino di Messegra
B.Adolf Hitler dies

The Axis powers of Germany,Italy, and Japan
In 1923, Benito Mussolini said that the axis of the world’s history ran through Berlin. Mussolini’s words were based on a practical interest towards Germany; he wanted to use it as an ally against Yugoslavia and France in the territorial conflict. However, the name “Axis” was officially used to signify the Berlin-Rome ( agreement in 1936. Later, it became a name for the military alliance formed during the Second World War, which opposed the Allies(Ryan, James). The core of the Axis comprised three countries with vast territorial appetites, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Each of them had its interests beyond its own lands. Japan was hungry for the territories in the Pacific region and a significant part of China, Italy had its colonial interests and was seeking for an ally to oppose France, and Germany could not

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