Outline Of The Conceptual Framework

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The chapter consists of requirements, criteria, factors, elements, and principles that gives insight on how to solve the Final Design project. The conceptual framework is a tentative theory (answer) for the research and design questions and represents the knowledge gained on how to solve a practical problem in the specific situation. 4.1 Programme The programme for the final project have been identified as commercial, specifically healthcare design that focus on the paediatric aspect of the specific program. 4.1.1 Specific Program This section will discuss the theoretical aspect of the specific programme, meaning healthcare design. Hospital functions A wide range of services and functions is what hospitals are made up from off. The following is the universal functions that can be found in a hospital: i. Diagnostics & treatment function • Clinical laboratories • Imaging • Emergency rooms • Surgery ii. Hospitality Function • Food services • Housekeeping iii. Inpatient care/ bed-related function iv. Outpatient-related function v. Administrative functions vi. Research and teaching functions The diagram shows the communication and movement between the different functions. (Carr 2011) Technical requirements This section will discuss the overall technical requirements of the hospital. i. Acoustics and visual privacy Healthcare facilities must provide adequate sound level and acceptable visual isolation in order to reach unrestricted
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