Outline Of The Implementation Plan

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Implementation Plan According to CDC, each year estimated about 250,000 cases of central line-associated bloodstream infection on happens in United States. The average cost of treatment of this CLABSIs are 25,000 dollar per episode. CLABSI is the third most common health care associated infections per Health and Human Service. And also there is reported about 500 to 4000 patients death related to CLABSI in US. CLABSI are preventable but there are need to be much education and resources needed. The central line associated infections are classified as exit site infection or tunnel infection. Nurses are the key health care personnel work with Central lines at the bedside. Nurses play a key role in assessment and prevention and management of these lines to avoid infection. Nurses working with lines must be educated on the importance of infection prevention and held to a high standard on infection control. The most important step to avoid or decrease the central line associated infection is to develop and implement the Central line bundle. Central bundle is considered as the guidelines for central line insertion and maintenance. The guidelines consist of maximal barrier precautions on insertion and dressing change. In order to be completely adhere to the strict guidelines, second pair of eyes to observe and document the process while Physician or Nurse who perform the duty as inserting central line or dressing change. The protocol for Insertion includes, hand hygiene,
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