Outline Of The Reconstruction Of Reconstruction

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Reconstruction was a rather simple process for the group. The design used was not very complicated, so it took much less time than more complex versions. The reconstruction consisted of using the taken-apart printer for the base of the machine. The printer worked as a sturdy base because of its size and shape. It was laid on its side so that the paper tray was sticking into the air. A motor was then gathered from one of the printers that was deconstructed. The group chose the largest of the motors to ensure that it would be able to lift a golf ball to meet the criteria for success. The motor was secured to the top of the printer tray using a compartment from the printer that had previously held printer cartridges. The main issue the group had was securing the motor. Duct tape was used at first, but the group found that the duct tape kept falling off and not supporting the motor enough. The solution to overcome this problem was to hot glue the motor down and use duct tape. The combination produced a sturdy support for the motor and allowed it to be moved without the motor falling off of the contraption. The next piece was to find a way to be able to lift the golf ball. Twine was tied to the end of the motor so that when the motor was connected to power it spun and lifted the twine up. The string could not just attach directly to the golf ball, so a tennis ball was cut in half to carry the golf ball. The tennis ball worked perfectly because it was smaller in size, still held…
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