Outline Of The Research Goals

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Scope Phase
1 Research objectives
The research goals need to be figured out in the beginning of research. In this part, it is crucial to identify and define problem or opportunity, in accordance with that design the research, evaluate the research method.
In today’s modernised era, businesses operate in a very competitive and fast paced changing environment where it is necessary to work on various outer factors. These needs to be assessed regularly. The identification of problems and opportunities is vital for sustaining in the market. The CEO and managers need to regularly assess the fast paced aspects of business and to find out strategy which is required to be adapted for the answer to changes taking place. It can be major issues or very minute problems, but solving them before they become disaster is crucial. For instance, if a restaurant business is offering new items in menu, but are unsuccessful in selling it. They need to find out the reason for this part. So problem need to be identified with restaurant and where does research is required, need to be learned.

2 Research requirements
Exploratory research helps in defining the identified problems. In this, secondary data analysis is required. It means data that is already collected for other researches. It can be gathered from newspapers, magazines, journals among others. This data need to be analysed in detail. For this in case of restaurant, various research need to be done. What local population prefers to eat
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