Outline Of ' The Road Of Revolution '

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Michael Molzon 9/20/14 American Pageant – Outline Chapter 7 Dr. Urban Chapter 7 – The Road to Revolution I. The Deep Roots of Revolution A. It can be said that the road to American revolution began at the first European footsteps B. Sense of Independence had already arisen dues to the distance between England and America C. Two ideas: i. Republicanism – “a just society in which all citizens willingly subordinated their private, selfish interests to the common good” ii. Radical Whigs – “made attacks on the use of patronage and bribes by the king 's ministers. They warned citizens to be on guard for possible corruption.” II. Mercantilism and Colonial Grievances A. Mercantilism i. Colonies a. Exist to benefit the “Mother Country” b. Provide raw materials, supplies, goods, etc. c. Ships, trade d. Made tobacco and sugar for England for very cheap ii. Laws such as the Navigation Laws iii. Colonists were restricted to manufacture only specific goods iv. No established currency v. England could overturn any established colonial laws III. The Merits and Menace of Mercantilism A. Salutary neglect, navigation laws not enforced as long as England was turning a profit B. Colonists took benefits from the mercantile system, large sums for ship builders, colonial protection by British army C. Colonists felt used by Britain D. Revolution was an effect of British failing to let American become a nation IV. The Stamp Tax Uproar A. French and
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