Outline On Abortion Research Paper

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Whereas Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often preformed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy; Whereas Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of reproductive, “health,” services, receives approximately a half-billion dollars of federal funding (Valencia)(Kurtzleben); Whereas, the murder of innocent babies can fall under the category of first-degree murder; Whereas, Exodus 20:13 clearly states,”thou shalt not kill,”(Exodus 20:13); Whereas, as of May 20015, 44% of Americans identify as Pro-life (Valencia); Whereas, life begins at conception; Whereas the 1980 film titled, “The Silent Scream,” depicts the abortion of an 11 week old fetus appearing to shake and, “cry out,” in pain (Kawas); Whereas,…show more content…
Subsection b: Any excess spending necessary to pay for these programs will be taken from Climate Change funds.
Section 4: Anyone found to be giving illegal abortions will be charged with first degree murder. The punishment is up to the discretion of a judge.
Subsection a: Doctors found preforming illegal abortions also lose their license
Subsection b: Women found to be having illegal abortions will be penalized

Section 5: All emergency contraception (i.e.; Plan B, Next Choice, My Way) may be sold in drugstores but, sales must be meticulously documented. Documentation must include, Consumer’s name, age, and place of residence.
Subsection a: Documents should be kept by the state and if one person is buying emergency contraception more than twice a month, the person in question should be contacted.
Subsection b: Labeling on the box of the emergency contraception shall emphasize that the pill must be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex. Directions should also make clear the ineffectiveness of taking the pill post-indicated time.
Section 6: This bill will go into effect 100 days after its
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