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Trenton Dryden
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Walt Disney: our loved Animator

1901, born in Hermosa, Chicago, Illinois was Walter Elias Disney (Michael Cole). An animator whose legacy continues to inspire to today. During his lifetime, he collected 22 Academy Awards. Later in his life he founded Disneyland, but he died before he saw Disneyworld built ( Most people know what happened in his life as an adult but what was his younger life like?
Disney was like most when he was younger. He was born as the fourth son and his younger only sister (Wiki). When he got a bit older in 1906 his family moved to Marceline, Missouri Where he spent most of his childhood ( He started his drawing when he was younger, he sold picture he drew
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In 1923 he started Disney studios with his brother Roy. In 1937 Disney studios made first full length film ( In 1939 made a new Disney studio (Michael Cole). During the great depression his company lost much business ( In his life between the 1950’s and 60’s 100 films were made (Wiki). In 1966 died of lung cancer at a hospital near his studio (Michael Cole). What were his creations.

Movies and Creations
What Disney was most known for were his creations. While he was younger, he drew art in the newspapers (JustDisney). Two other companies he made were Iwerks and Laugh-O-grams (Michel Cole). Two of his best animated characters were Oswald the Lucky rabbit and Mickey Mouse (Wiki). The first animation Mickey Mouse was put in was called SteamBoat Willie which was a huge success ( One of Disney’s most successful films was Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs (Michael Cole). From 1954 to 2002 there was a show made by Disney which was called Wonderful World of Color (Wiki). Mary Poppins was Walt Disney’s last and extremely successful film (
Final Remarks
Disney inspired many thousands of lives. Though he is gone films will still continue. He is a loved creator that lives in the memories of people
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