Outline : Racism And Children 's Health

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Curriculum Outline: Racism and children’s health Concept or Focus The purpose of this outline is to consider justice in health care and the health problems of children related to racism. Participants will explore biblical ways to create a healthy community by understanding racism and children 's health issues. Timeframe This lesson is designed for a single session, hour-long adult Sunday school class. Goal The goal of this lesson plan is to 1. Enable participants to understand the adverse effects of racism on children 's health. 2. Encourage participants to think health care policy for racial and ethnic groups. 3. Challenge participants to consider the right role of the churches and Christians for our children who faced racism.…show more content…
Computer and projector capabilities, as well as a projector screen 3. 15 to 20 four colored pens 4. Coffee and teas, simple refreshments Setting - Korean immigrant church mixed with from first generation to second generation mixed. - 15 to 20 members with children, from mid-thirties to fifties - After the lunch of all the church members, classes are held from 2:00p.m.to 3:00p.m. Sequence 1. Opening (10’) - The PowerPoint will already be projected onto the front screen with the title slide of the presentation showing. - As participants enter the room, let them pick a pen in the basket containing four colored pens at the entrance. - Place four colored papers on the each table, and participants are invited to sit down at the table in the color they choose. - Instructor invites participant to sing a song together, “The Comforter has Come” when they have a sit as a group. - Instructor encourages them to greet each other as a group, and then instructor prays for the class. 2. Exploring (20’) - At the end of the prayer, the instructor provides an overview of the lessons to be taught for an hour. - Two short videos of the latest news mentioning the study linking racism and children 's health are shown. - After watching the video and hearing instructor’s brief explanation, the participants are invited to share their reflection each other and then present one or two comments per group. - Participants are invited to share and discuss about their experience of racism. -
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