Outline The Importance Of Counseling Essay

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Outline the importance of counseling, the timing of counseling, and the effectiveness. Describe types of counseling interventions and approaches and list a patient resource.

Counseling, timing and effectiveness is at the utmost importance when dealing with the development of children. One topic of importance in relation to the development of children is Obesity. According to a screening done on Obesity in Children, “Since the 1970s, childhood and adolescent obesity has increased three-to sixfold. Approximately 12% to 18% of 2- to 19-year-old children and adolescents are obese” (Clinical Summary 2014, pg 2). I believe that if children are educated on nutrition and physical activity, then they will live longer and healthier lifespans and
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As a result, if a child is on the verge of obesity , obese or even healthy, parents are given nutritional information to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to avoid/ fight obesity.

In regards to timing, research studies have shown that there is no appropriate timing for screening intervals (Clinical Summary 2014 pg. 2)

Lastly, The US preventive Services task forces recommends that, clinicians screen children aged 6 years and older for obesity and offer them or refer them to intensive counseling and behavioral interventions to promote improvements in weight status (Clinical Summary 2014, pg 1&6).

Outcomes of children’s health are if they overcome obesity:

Overcoming obesity outcomes that have been found by researchers are:

¥ Reduced asthma or sleep apnea
¥ Decreased morbidity from diabetes mellitus or hypertension
¥ Improved depression or quality of life (including psychosocial distress and functioning)
¥ Physical fitness capacity or performance (not behavioral)
¥ Physical functioning (scores on physical subscales of quality of life measures)
¥ Disability (global measures of disability, such as activities of daily living) (Final Research Plan,
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