Outline Your Personal Narrative Who You Are Today

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Outline your Personal Narrative What one event has shaped you into who you are today?
(Remember, this event does not have to be one day of your life, this experience could have happened in one hour, one week, or over the course of several years.)

Write your Introduction Paragraph

Briefly describe the event you will be writing about? I plan on writing about music and soccer because i've loved both of them for a very long time.

What is the hook you are using to catch your audience's attention?
—Dialogue (Speaking)
—Internal Monologue (Thinking)
—Sound Words (BANG!)
—Description of setting or characters
—String of Adjectives —Scary, exciting, or intense moment
—Riddle or question to ponder
—Simile or Metaphor
—Strong Feelings or emotions
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_soccer and music_(event) has shaped me into the person I am today, because________________ (list 3 supporting reasons).

Write 3 Body Paragraphs
As you are writing your body paragraphs remember to include how you developed throughout this experience. What were you like before? What are you like now? How did you change?

What is the first reason supporting your claim? (Bullet point number 1 from above) Use this reason to support your claim further and create your 1st body paragraph.
Reason #1. Before i used to never play soccer or even listen to music as much i do now.But like i knew what soccer was i just never really got interested.Same with the music i knew what it was and i liked it but i never was that interested it never really mattered to me.

What is the second reason supporting your claim? (Bullet point number 2 from above)Use this reason to support your claim further and write your second
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