Outline and Assess the View That Vocational Education Simply Trains Workers for Exploitation.

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Outline and assess the view that vocational education simply trains workers for exploitation. [50] The idea that vocational education allows workers to be exploited is a view held by Marxism. Vocational education is that which gets an individual ready for the workplace, either through a course directly complimenting a skill, like hairdressing, or that which has a broader area of learning. Whilst functionalism sees a great system underlying vocational education, Marxists have a more cynical view of the idea. Vocational education will inevitably have an effect on the economy- hopefully for the better, but Marxists would deny the benefits as overall wealthy, insisting education is a tool in capitalist societies, which control and pacify…show more content…
Willis, regarded as a Neo-Marxist, has also provided critical suggestions against Bowles and Gintis; Willis notes there were ideological factors, but having studied the twelve ‘lads’, there was a mix of perspectives and they weren’t all happy with the ideas of the school, not to mention the rejection of the idea that school was at all important to what they wanted out of life. Willis’s perspective shows a more interpretivist approach in which human interpretation was also quite a defining factor- it was the ideas of the 12, which made them enter the blue collar jobs. Then again, Willis’s sample lacks much representation and precision since the sample is extremely small. Social democracy also favours the merits of vocational education, as it is seen to create a competitive economy. New Labour, therefore, had therefore introduced the New Deal- a scheme in which it was ensured that unemployed people would have either full time education or training for

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