Outline and Evaluate Research Into Cultural Variations in Attachment

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Outline and evaluate research into cultural variations in attachment

Due to the fact that the ways that people bring up their children can be very different all over the world as we share different attitudes, values and beliefs etc. People emphasize on developing distinct skills and qualities, so attachments formed can be different. For instance, countries like America and Germany would value personal independence and achievement more, whereas interdependence between people is valued more in China. The two cultures mentioned are called individualistic culture and collectivist culture respectively.

In Israel, child-rearing practices in kibbutzim was studied by Fox. Babies are placed into communal childcare when they are around four
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The findings reflect on the way children are brought up. In Germany, even working mothers are rare, children are encouraged to be independent and self-reliant. Also, greater personal distance is the norm and proximity seeking is not encouraged. These experiences lead young children to show less anxiety about separation and be classed as avoidant. In Japan, children rarely are separated from mother, which explains why Japanese
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