Outline and Evaluate the View That Modern Family Life Is Characterised by Diversity

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When we say that something is divers it means that it has different forms and different variables. This is the same thing with families in the contemporary UK. However regarding the family it’s a difficult to get everyone to accept the different types of diversities. Some people accept and are happy with the diversity whilst there are some people who think there is only one type of family and that all other types of families are unacceptable. There are different thing which makes up divers family; family structure, family size, sexuality etc.

Alongside families, household also have become diverse. In 2001 a study showed that 139,000 children lived in other household types such as adults who were not their parents also 52,000
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Families being different according to social class. Middle class families are more spread out however this does not mean that kinship had weakened. Foster (1990) found that extended families were living close to each other in the east end of London. Middle class families are tend to be more child centred. There are cultural differences between the different social classes. Marxist sociologist Bourdieu (1986) referred to the upper and middle class families to be cultural capital. There way of living mannerisms and values differ from those who are from a different social class. Upper class children are introduced to high culture. They are taken to opera etc. on the other hand working class families are introducing their children to popular culture. This includes watching celebrity television programmes, listening to pop music and dressing according high street fashion.

There is also sexual diversity which is gay and lesbian households. Week et al. (1999) say that there is a large degree of choice in gay and lesbian households. They have the term ‘chosen families’.

The trend of single parent families show that there is an increasing amount of lone parent families it has tripled during the last 30 years. However it is important to see that most single parents do not choose to live this way and it is more likely for them to develop new relationships and
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