Outline and Research Paper on Cheating/Plagarism

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Delgado i Take the Easy Way Now, Face Consequences Later Thesis Statement: Students and writers who have become more accustomed to cheating and plagiarizing forget the fact that what they are doing is unacceptable, are deteriorating their ability to do their own work, and must face severe punishments. I. Extensive amount of students cheating and plagiarizing A. Common cheating and plagiarizing B. Students not aware of wrongness C. Easier academic dishonesty II. Copying work becomes habit A. Copying not frowned upon B. Occurs in workplace III. Guidelines established to regulate academic dishonesty A. Preventing copying B. Disciplinary actions IV. Refutation Concluding statement: In the…show more content…
In most cases, student’s find that working with a partner is much more easier than working alone. For others, they might prefer to work quietly by themselves. The reason for this is that those students who are working with each other can share information and copy each other, while the other solitary students complete the work in its entirety. In fact some of those students working together have no idea they’re really cheating. A national survey done by Rutgers’ Management Education Center of 4,500 high school students showed that 75 percent of them take part in serious cheating, more than half have plagiarized online works, and many of them don’t see anything wrong with cheating (Slobogin). Students only concern is to get the information they need and they don’t see any harm in lying about where their data came from. At the University of Maryland, a student said he thought Wikipedia’s entries on the Great Depression did not need to be cited since he considered them as “common knowledge” (Gabriel). It does not matter if a topic has been overexposed and made headlines, if a person does not come up with that information by Delgado 3 himself and does not give credit to the actual source it is considered plagiarism. Referring back to the cheating scandal at Harvard, students claim that instructions were unclear and contradictory for what was considered inappropriate sharing of information, even though there is a repercussion of the incident in their

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