Outline and assess the view that crime and deviance are socially constructed

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Outline and assess the view that crime and deviance are socially constructed There has been a pleather of research regarding the issue of crime and deviance. A definition of crime and deviance can be explained in relative terms which are dependant on any particular society’s interpretation of crime and deviance. Cultures differ from one society to another and the general consensus of right and wrong can also evolve throughout time. Definitions of crime and deviance can evolve with factors such as time, pace and society. However the general definition of crime is that its an act that breaks the law and deviance refers to behaviour that most people see as differing from acceptable social norms or standards of society. The purpose of…show more content…
The criminal justice system judges and punishes each group differently. Karl Marx and max Webber both agree that the wealthy were able to dominate definitions of what counts as normality and deviance. The elite can often afford expensive lawyers and are sometimes on a first-name basis with the individuals in charge of making and enforcing laws. Members of the working class generally do not have these advantages. Feminists are also a conflict theory. They argue that in patriarchal societies, males define what is normal, and therefore define deviant female behaviour. Many feminists view that female crime has been virtually ignored by mainstream criminology and mainstream feminists have asserted that if females were socialized in the same way as males & had similar roles and experiences, their rates of criminal offending would be roughly the same. There are criticisms of the Interactionists view of crime and deviance. One criticism of the Interactionists perspective is the fact that it fails to explain why individuals commit deviant acts in the first place. Another criticism assumes that once a person has been labelled, the deviance will inevitably become worse. A Final criticism is that Interactions fail to explain why some people should be labelled rather than others and why some activities are against the law, and others are not. This approach suggests that crime and deviance are invented by people
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