Outline and evaluate the view that families in the UK are increasingly diverse (33)

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Outline and evaluate the view that families in the UK are increasingly diverse (33)
Families are becoming increasingly diverse in the UK because of changing norms and values in society. Postmodernists highlight that people are free to choose the family type that suits them best therefore allowing for harmonious relationships in society. On the other hand Functionalists are against family diversity and argue that a family that does not fit the nuclear model creates instability.
A traditional view of the family is held by Functionalists. Functionalists favour the nuclear family which Murdock identifies as ‘a social group characterised by common residents, economic cooperation and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes, at least
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This family type would be supported by postmodernists because it supports that family types can be picked depending if they suit the people in the family. On the other hand functionalists and New Right writers would not agree with same sex families because they create instability in society and do not fit into the nuclear model.
Cohabiting families live together however are not married, they involve a heterosexual couple with their children. In the past there was high stigma against cohabiting families whereas today marriage and commitment are not as valued as before due to society being more secular and people do not depend on religion. Furthermore due to changing norms and values in society it is more socially acceptable to have a cohabiting family. Support for this is that cohabiting families are the most increasing type of family and50% of births today are to non-married parents. However functionalists would disapprove of this family type because they believe because the parents are not married that it is not a secure relationship and would not be a stable environment for the children to grow up in. Nowadays marriage is expensive and therefore couples put off the idea of getting married, according to Postmodernists people are free to pick and choose their family type and therefore a cohabiting family is an acceptable family highlighted by the Postmodernists.
The Rapoports identify the second type of
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