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Student Name: ashley singer
Speech Type: Persuasive
Organ Donation
Organization Type: Comparative Advantages Pattern
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Conclusion Type: Summary
persuade my audience to give the gift of life and become organ donors.
I. I have always decided i wanted to dedicate my organs to others once i have oassed but it was not until January of this year i learned the true value behind organ donation. II. Last January my brother was pronounced brain dead after slipping into a coma, he was a organ donor and i got to experience first hand the lives that were saved through his generosity. III. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services every 10 mintues
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The process of organ donation and transplantation: Saving Lives A. most donors are victims of severe head trauma, a brain anerurysm or stroke, once the medical team has exhausted all possible lifesaving efforts and the patient no longer responds doctors test for brain death. 1. OPO: Organ Procurement Organization: Contacted by hospital staff with information on the deceased to confirm his or her potential to donate 2. Matching Donors & Recipients: the OPO contacts the OPTN (Organ procurement and transplantation network) to begin the search for matching recipients. a computer program matches donor organs with recipients based upon charactoristics: blood type, tissue type, height and weight 3. Maintaining the Donor: donor is maintained on artificial support and the condition of each organ is monitored by medical staff 4. Recovering and Transporting Organs: the OPO arranges the arrival & departure times of the transplant surgical team. donor is taken to OR where organs and tissues are recovered. Time is of the essence here, organs must get to their new homes very quickly. 5.

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