Outline of Ancient Greece Society and Culture

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• Treated with great respect
• Men laid on couches and had slaves attend to them while eating dinner
• Women and children ate in separate room.
• Considered the most important people in ancient Greece.
Roles of women
• Not allowed to eat or sleep in the same room as men.
• Not allowed to go to the Olympics or marketplace of a city.
• Ran the household and managed the slaves.
Roles of children
• All girls were taught how to cook, weave, and clean
• Girls of wealthy families were expected to marry the man their father chose for them at age 15
• Boys were considered more important than girls
• Went to school at age 6
• Learned to read, write, and add
• Expected to have a healthy mind and body
• Began to train for the their future jobs at age 16
1. The Battle of Thermopylae
• Took place in 480 BCE
• Between the Greeks and the Persians
• First battle in…
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