Outline of Literature Review and Analysis of a Quantitative Research Report

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Literature Review Outline Locate three published research articles: one quantitative research study, one qualitative research study, and one mixed methods research study. Each of the three studies must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Analysis of a Qualitative Research Report: Problem statement: 1.) What is the problem the study was conducted to address? Many schools have not adopted new electronic-era media literacies into their core curricula, but understanding these new, evolving literacies is critical to understanding how students learn today, especially with regard to low-income students, for several reasons (Turner, 2011, p. 614). 2. ). Why is the problem an important one for someone in your discipline to study? The ability to use multi-media communication technologies will increase in importance the more those technologies are deployed in education. The more technology proliferates in education, the more students will need skills to critically analyze such texts for validity and applicability. If those students will be the workforce of the next generation, the workers we manage will need critical multi-media literacy skills in order to separate authoritative text from say advertising or politically biased messaging in the workforce and daily life. Study purpose: 1.). what is the purpose of the study? Turner responds to a 2003 prediction by Kress that understanding a "shift to screen-based image literacy" (Kress, 2003, quoted in
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