Outline of Organisation and Research Area

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The NSW Department of Health was established in 1921. It is a large provider of health services for people in NSW. They support the government in health and hospital systems, focusing primarily on healthcare and early intervention. The department of health encourage a better healthcare system for people living in rural and remote areas and improve health education.

Scientific evidence shows that smoking is the principal cause of disease and, not only death, however accompanied by years of disabling health problems. (dept of health) The NSW department of health is very keen on offering a quitline to assist smokers trying to give up through providing a guide for healthcare professionals on supporting smoking cessation.

Overview of relevant data sources and data

The internet is a global computer network that stores information and provided the public with access of a variety of information and ways to communicate. Essentially the internet unites people, communities and countries around the globe.

People who require information and furthermore, specific information for example “health” use special sites on the web, termed internet search engines that assist in retrieving stored information on other sites. (Franklin, 2000) Many search engines are available and some are designed for specific purposes; the two most popular all-purpose search engines are Google and Yahoo. Medical search engines are distinctively designed for…
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