Outline of Week Five

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Outline of Week Five Cynthia O’Brien COM200 Interpersonal Communication (ACM1546D) Instructor: Reginald Doctor December 7. 2015 Congratulations Allan and Jennifer this letter is to help you learn essential communication skills. With education and learning interpersonal communication skills, I hope to pay it forward so you and Jennifer will not end up in the statistics of a failed marriage. As you may know, educators are focusing on communication skills personal and professional. This letter will go over core competencies to keep the doors of communication open at all times. By identifying barriers to effective interpersonal interactions, the process of self-concept developing and maintaining strategies for managing…show more content…
These skills will help you negotiate, problem-solving, as well as decision-making, with learning how to manage the conflicts of different life situations. In the best way to minimize conflict is listening skills more skills will be discussed in the future presentation. With identifying the barriers to effective interactions as well as your self-concept, this will assist the communication flow. With learning how self-concept developed and how to maintain it, you will be a better communicator. Self-concept can be defined as one description our portrayal of him or herself as a person (Bevan, & Sole, 2014). With learning how your self-concept was developed and how it changes over time both you and Jennifer need to understand each other’s self-concept this will help to understand each other. Also, to understanding your partner’s feelings and self-concept, this helps with communicating with each other. When you first exchange vows that was your first form of shared communication with five words “until death do us part” those five words tied you and Jennifer to gather for life. Also with keeping a happy marriage managing how and when would be the appropriate time and to what level of self-disclosure. We all have secrets in our closets after your married you should feel more comfortable with self-disclosure. Although Orbach who
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