Outline of an Essay on Memorable Moments

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I. Memorable Moments Essay A. Introductory Paragraph 1. Opener: A unique opportunity to meet celebrities who have influenced American culture. 2. Thesis: Meeting Berle was one of the most memorable moments of my life. a. Body paragraph reasons i I met a lot of other celebrities. ii I made a good friend in Berle. iii My career benefitted from this experience. B. First body paragraph: other celebrities 1. Mac Davis 2. Dolly Parton C. Second body paragraph: friendship connection 1. Military connection 2. "Picture with friends" D. Third body paragraph: career benefits. 1. Continual travel and meeting other celebrities 2. My value increased in the security business. E. Conclusion 1. Restatement of thesis 2. Summary of body paragraphs 3. Final application: I was able to meet him before he died. Of A Lifetime Not everyone gets a chance to meet celebrities, especially those whose names and contributions to popular culture have influenced America to this day. However, I got the chance to meet someone who was arguably one of the most popular personalities in the U.S. The best memory of my life was my chance to Milton Berle at a fundraiser, because I was able to meet a lot of other celebrities on that occasion, I was able to make a genuine friend in Berle, and it benefitted my career for the next several years. My initial meeting with Berle was memorable partly because that opportunity allowed me to meet many other famous people. I met
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