Outline the Main Factors of Current Health and Safety Legislation as Applied in Health and Social Care.

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P2: Outline the main factors of current health and safety legislation as applied in health and social care.
This leaflet will contain information for a booklet covering the main features of at least 3 current health and safety legislations as applied in a health and social care setting. Legislation is another word for written law, which may also be known as act of parliament or regulations. As stated by Stretch B and Whitehouse M (2007) pg. 17 legislation is also the law that parliament makes which reflects the statutory right of organisations, groups and individuals. However, Legislation also ensures that everyone is clear about their rights and responsibilities within the care environment according to Stretch B and Whitehouse M (2007)
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Food Safety Act 1990:

The food safety acts are lay down rules that apply to everyone involved in a production, storage, distribution or sales of foods.
Under the food safety act 1990 it is illegal to sell food unfit for human intake.
This act gives power to the health environment inspectors to inspect food and also seize food unfit for the human intake and condemn it. Any establishment breaching food hygiene standards can be served a notice for improvement, but in extreme conditions they can be closed down eternally, if the practices are reflected to be a health hazard then their business can be act against for breaching hazards.

The food safety act states that people working with food must practice working with good food hygiene in the workplace. Food for people who use services and for visitors must be safely stored and prepared and also must not be injurious to health.
Local authority health inspectors enforce this law.

The food safety (General Food Hygiene) regulates 1995, 2005 and 2006 referring to the need of identify and possible risks surrounding food hygiene, and to put controls in place to ensure any risk is reduced. The regulations also specify how premises that provide food should be equipped and organised.

Data Protection Act 1998

Uses law to protect individuals with regards to the processing of personal data.

The Data Protection Act 1998 is related to
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